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Your wedding day is a unique expression of your love for each other and one of the most memorable days of your life. Take time to think about how you would like it to be – a wedding that tells your story with the people who matter being part of your day.


Any plan can become a reality. It can be incorporated into a modest cost and need not leave you out of pocket. Make your day a truly special memory that will set the tone for a wonderful life together.


I can assist you to create the ceremony you have in mind, as individual as you are.  Involve family and friends…..choose from a varied selection of readings, poetry or blessings.


Include other rituals….. such as candle lighting, hand fastening, sand blending, exchange of gifts or your own ideas. Themed weddings such as Medieval, Celtic, Pagan, Forest, and Beach are all possibilities.


The ceremony can be long or short, spiritual or contemporary; whatever is your choice and desire.